Jude Law

Jude LawFew men can claim to make a mustache look attractive, and even fewer can make it look legitimately sexy. Jude Law has proven himself to be part of that latter demographic of men, the ones that are endowed with such physically attractive qualities that it's more of a challenge to make them look...well, "bad." It's a bit unfortunate that Jude tends to only be regarded for his looks, since his box office record isn't something boast about. However, with successes on stage like Hamlet and the occasional blockbuster, he's proven himself to be an engaging actor that's not afraid to experiment.

Much like RDJ, this self-proclaimed bad boy has his own burdens to carry. Due to some of his actions in recent years, he has a pretty tarnished reputation when it comes to love and loyalty. Affairs, love children--it seems to come straight out of a Hollywood script. Jude's dealt with all of the scandal one way or another, and is actually quite reserved in the eyes of the media.

His issues with commitment are a typical Hollywood affliction, and otherwise Jude tries his best to be an example. Humanitarian projects with several organizations, taking care of his children, it's all in a day's work for the Englishman. He's talented and fun, and of course, stunningly gorgeous. Oh hell, he's Jude Law--and there's no changing that.