Robert Downey, Junior

RDJRubber Ducky (an affectionate nickname Robert gave himself) can pretty much be classified as the class clown that so often commands attention through wild antics and wise-ass comments. Except, unlike that socially awkward kid in school, RDJ is a BAMF that somehow makes vanity endearing and wearing blue Converse perfectly acceptable with a tuxedo. It's a wonder that his self-confidence can even fit inside that compact, well-toned body of his, considering that he never misses an opportunity to inflate his own ego. At the very least, he's comical about it, sprinkling in snark into his regular speech, which makes for some pretty awesome entertainment.

RDJ was never much of an angel to begin with, and one could go on and on about his history with addiction and illicit activity. But really, who in Hollywood hasn't gotten arrested or been exposed to drugs? What makes Robert special is that, unlike many of those washed-up or budding stars, he was able to summon the fortitude to rise above that adversity. And now what's he doing? Oh yeah, waltzing through Hollywood in that eye-catching wardrobe of his, kicking ass and taking names.

The increase in his bankability has made Robert a very familiar face in this pop culture era, Tony Stark being one of his most recognized role among contemporary moviegoers. He also is adorably devoted to his second wife Susan and son Indio, with whom he spends as much time as he can. Even as he nears fifty, the star has expressed his intention of continuing his work in show business, and audiences everywhere are sure to hold him to that.