Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law

RDJudeSince the release of the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes film, in which Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law co-starred as the sleuthing duo, their on and offscreen chemistry have been the object of much discussion. In interviews they've discussed how quickly they took to each other and how they'd bonded throughout the shooting of the movie. Needless to say, fangirls devoured that fluff like a pack of dogs at chow time, and even men have had to concede to the natural essence of their bromantic interactions.

Neither of the two have any qualms in expressing their "affection" for each other, and perhaps one of the most endearing qualities of their relationship is their perpetual playfulness. RDJ has almost always had a reputation for being a snarky brat, and Jude happily plays along with his banter. Considering that, it isn't too much of a mystery why the two of them make the dynamic between Holmes and Watson particularly amusing.

Of course, one can't forget the superficial factor in all of this. You'd have to suffer from a severe degree of blindness to be unaware of the pair's above average good looks, and that's simply an understatement to keep this article as "objective" as possible. If Jude and Robert each possess visually attractive qualities, then the combination of the two must be like treating your eyes to a well-deserved vacation in the most idyllic place you could think of. Because, really, when has mystery-solving looked this good?

Now, relationships like this are typically doomed to end once shooting draws to a close, but luckily that is not the case for RDJude. The confirmation of a sequel to the rebuffed detective movie was promptly announced after the release of the first, and the two actors have already planned their schedules to make sure Sherlock filming gets its time slots. As long as the writers continue to draw on the fantastic chemistry between Jude and Robert, it's hard to see how film could go wrong.